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Hello! I am Dr. Julia DeCook (PhD) and I am a former tenure-track academic turned UX researcher in the tech industry, specializing in highly technical products and users. 

As a researcher and scholar, I consider myself to be a critical technologist in the fields of human-computer interaction and in the study of sociotechnical systems. My research is at the intersection of understanding technology, users, knowledge production, and society.

In my work, I mostly use qualitative, critical, and some computational methods, specializing in ethnography and discourse analysis. I am also trained in quantitative methods, and do consider myself to be a mixed methods researcher. To frame my research, I use theories and approaches from HCI, anthropology, science and technology studies, communication, organizational sociology, and psychology. 

While working at universities, I designed and taught courses on social media and society; technology, communication and social change; media, politics, and propaganda; designing for digital environments; and introductory courses in communication and media theory.

If you have any questions about my expertise or experience, lease feel free to contact me using the link at the top of the page.