• julia

Imagining Course Introduction

To imagine what students will see when they log in to the course on the learning management system home screen, I had to sketch a little bit to describe what I wanted.

I feel that it's helpful to have all of the introductory materials on the home screen as well as a video introducing myself, particularly if it's an online class. Student can then click on a link to take them to the rest of the course content, but will be encouraged to engage with the syllabus and READ ME file first.

The right sidebar on D2L is a space for a course calendar, announcements, etc. and I think I would keep it that way. I think the introductory part of the course should all be on the main page so students are able to quickly access things like the course overview, the syllabus, and schedule. Links to other content will be included as well but will take them to a different page.

I've tried to sketch out a wireframe quick, which is below:

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