recent research

recent research articles that have been published. please email me using the contact form above if you cannot access a PDF of the article.

Safe from “harm”: The governance of violence by platforms

This research paper published at Policy & Internet examined the hate speech policies of three major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) to understand how these policies conceptualize and punish "harmful content." Access it by clicking here.

Levitating Objects

Fact-Checking the
Crisis: COVID-19, Infodemics, and the Platformization of Truth

This research project examined fact checking policies of three major platforms (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube) to understand how fact checking has been absorbed as a function of platforms and becoming "platformized" during the COVID-19 pandemic, with significant implications for journalism and policymakers. Click here to read it.

Image by Tim Mossholder

r/WatchRedditDie and the politics of reddit’s bans and quarantines

This research paper is based off of ethnographic data from a subreddit that claims it serves as a "fire alarm" for the larger reddit platform - in it, I trace the history and politics of reddit's policies and their enforcement, and bring up questions about the future of platform moderation based on user responses to these interventions. Click here to access.

Image by Sergey Zolkin

Locked up and left out: Formerly incarcerated people in the context of digital inclusion

This research paper, published in New Media & Society, is based on data from focus groups of recently released formerly incarcerated people and how they navigate technology during the reentry process. Access it by clicking here.

Image by Emiliano Bar

Interrogating the “incel menace”: assessing the threat of male supremacy in terrorism studies

This paper examined the current state of academic, goevernment, and public understnading of the true nature of the "incel" threat - combining perspectives from all three fields we propose that the real threat is misogyny more broadly ,and a failure to focus on misogyny and its harms misses the larger picture. Click here to read it.

Image by Ehimetalor Akhere Unuabona

Digital Cynical Romanticism: Japan’s 2channel and the Precursors to Online Extremist Cultures

This paper examines the Japanese image board community 2channel and how its users might be a way of understanding the current issues we face in the Western world with communities like 4chan, 8kun, and others and the radicalization and hate that they breed. Click here to access.

Image by Jase Bloor